Update on SaveMore Deal: $10 CVS Gift Card for Only $5

I posted a SaveMore deal on October 27, 2011 (you can read it here).  It seems that some people are having a problem getting into their accounts to print their gift card or having other problems with this deal.  (Past deals also)  I posted on SaveMore’s Facebook wall about this and this is their response:

We are growing at a considerable rate. As you grow, there are sometimes “growing pains” that are associated. We do our best to assist all of our customers and make sure they have the best experience possible. We have over a million subscribers now, so if we have lets’s say 100 bad comments on Facebook, that means less than 1% of our customers are unsatisfied. Not to say that those customers are not just as important, but it should give you a relative perspective. Our goal is to make sure everyone is satisfied and we will work everyday to get as close as we can. So tell you readers to hold tight and that we are there for them. :)”

So, I say we give them a little bit of time and hopefully they will get things straightened out soon.

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