FREE Personalized Video Message from Santa

As some of you already know, my two youngest daughters are 3 and 4 years old.  My husband and I just got through watching each girl watch a personalized video from Santa via the computer.  Oh wow!!  I just loved watching the grins, smiles and sparkles in their eyes while Santa was talking directly to each child!  What a wonderful idea this is.

I went to Portable North Pole where in just a few easy steps, you can create a personalized video from Santa Claus for anyone that you choose.  You just answer a few simple questions and, if you choose, add up to 3 pictures to personalize even more.  There’s also an option of a video for a “Good Child” and for a “Naughty Child”, which I really like.   You can then watch the video immediately and/or send it to someone.

Portable North Pole will send you an email with your login information and a PIN for that video.  You will be able to go to the site and watch it whenever you’d like.

The best part is it’s FREE!

Head on over to Portable North Pole and create videos for your kids, family members and friends!

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