FREE Nature’s Path Product Coupon

I just came across a new site called EcoBonus.  It is an information community and rewards program where you can learn about product benefits, enter codes from participating products and redeem them for rewards.  I glanced at some of the rewards they have and now I can’t wait to build up my points!  They have some really awesome stuff like clothes, books, electronics, kayaks and in-line skates!! Check out their Rewards page here.  (you may need to sign up first)

There are several ways to earn points.  To find out how, sign up here for FREE and then check out the Loyalty Rewards page.

You’ll earn 15 points when you sign up.  Then complete your profile to earn another 10 points.  Then click on “Enter Codes” at the top and enter code  WHERESMYNUT to get 25 more points.  You will then be able to get the FREE Nature’s Path product coupon! (just click on the Eco-Friendly Coupons picture)  Or, you can save your points for something better.



  1. Browse and learn about products.
    Find natural, eco-conscious, or socially responsible products that meet your standards.
  2. Purchase at your local store.
    Purchase products anywhere. Look for the EcoBonus stamp and enter the code online.
  3. Earn rewards and save money.
    Earn points and get rewards for your steps toward conscientious shopping.



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