FREE Magazine Subscription (Your Choice)

Stop paying for magazines that you can get for FREE! Choose a FREE Magazine Subscription that suits you, and pay NOTHING! There’s no purchase or credit card needed and you’d you’ll never receive a bill! Simply take a 2 minutes survey and get $20 in FREE credit – which is used to get FREE Magazine Subscriptions. Current selections include:

  • Self Magazine
  • Shape Magazine
  • Brides Magazine
  • Wired Magazine
  • W Magazine
  • …and MANY more!

Here’s how to get it:

1. Click Here
2. Fill out the short survey (takes all of 2-3 minutes tops)
3. Redeem your FREE $20 credit on a magazine subscription of your choice!

It gets even better. You can take a new survey every week and each survey will get you an additional $20 in credit! $20 for 2-3 minutes of your time? HECK YES!

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