FREE Lipstick and High Heels Chiffon Scarf (FREE SHIPPING)

Dangit! I just bought this exact scarf for my daughter. Figures that it’s now available for FREE! Oh well, at least you guys can benefit! Get a FREE Lipstick and High Heels Chiffon Scarf! Even shipping is FREE! Here’s how:

1. Signup here
2. Confirm your email address (get 250 points)
3. Login and click on “spend points”
4. Search for “lipstick and heels chiffon scarf”
5. Click the first one (219 points)
6. Use your FREE points to pay for the scarf

That’s it! Super easy and costs nothing more than a couple minutes of your time.

Please note: Prices change without warning. There’s no telling how long this will be available for 219 points so you’ll want to get it NOW!

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