Earth Day Freebies

  • Bring in five, plastic grocery bags to your local Disney Store on 4/22/12, and you will receive a free Reusable Bag :)
  • On April 22nd, Target will have a select number of free, reusable bags at the service desk.  Get one while they have them :)
  • Free Full-Sized Origin’s Cleanser (In-store on 4/22/12)
  • Free package of Sunflower seeds at Pottery Barn (For kids on 4/22/12)
  • Free reusable bag a Joann Fabrics (First 50 Customers on 4/22/12)
  • Bring in five plastic bags to your local H.E.B on 4/22/12 and get a free resuable bag :)
  • Free entrance to National Parks (4/21-4/29/12)
  • Free Organic Milkshake at your local EVOS (4/22/12)
  • Free reusable bag at Wegman’s (with trade in of plastic bag) (4/21/12)
  • Free Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Cheeseboy locations (4/22/12) YUM :)


Thanks so much for help from Free Sample Momma

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