Amazon Coupon Codes

I had a seller reach out to me on my personal Amazon account, asking if i’d like to review some of their products. They sent me several links and codes and said “You can tell your family or friends,or post them on your blog”. So, i’m passing them along to y’all. They are as follows:

Cupcake Pan – $6.89 after code 76RH6PU8
Floating Bobber – $6.93 after code 3HAQNRRU
Wine Opener – $6.99 after code FQSD5EGA
Sport Phone Armband – $6.99 after code YGJ2GTZZ
Meat claws & thermometer - $6.59 after code 7BCLZTID
Grill Brush & Basting Brush – $5.99 after code 7JYGP7C5

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